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작성일 : 16-05-13 16:12
Graphene based solid-state flexible cable type supercapacitor_Carbon(IF:6.2)
 글쓴이 : supervisor
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   2016Ganesh_Carbon1.pdf (1.7M) [2] DATE : 2016-05-13 16:12:22
Carbon, Volume 105, August 2016, Pages 638–648

Enhanced electrochemical performances of graphene based solidstate flexible cable type supercapacitor using redox mediated
polymer gel electrolyte
            Ganesh Kumar Veerasubramania,b, Karthikeyan Krishnamoorthyb, Parthiban Pazhamalaib and Sang Jae Kimb*

The flexible cable/wire type supercapacitors are attracting more attentions as the power
supply in wearable electronics. Herein, we report the flexible cable-type supercapacitor (FCSC)
using hydrothermally reduced graphene oxide (rGO) nanosheets and successfully improved their
electrochemical performances using redox additive electrolyte. The synthesized rGO nanosheets
are well characterized in both structural and electrochemical parts. The fabricated FCSC device
works up to 1 V without any evolution occurred, and exhibits excellent electrochemical
performances. Further, the performances of FCSC are improved more than three times using
sodium molybdate (Na2MoO4) as redox additive electrolyte. The addition of Na2MoO4 in
polymer gel electrolyte for rGO based FCSC exhibits a maximum length capacitance and energy
density of 18.75 mF cm-1 (areal capacitance of 38.2 mF cm-2) and 2.6 μWh cm-1 (areal energy
density of 5.3 μWh cm-2) respectively. The detailed mechanism has been explored for these
improved electrochemical activities. The flexibility and stability of the FCSC device have been
investigated and three serially connected devices are capable of lit up the green and blue LEDs.
Overall, these findings could open up a simple and cost effective approach to improve the
performances of carbon materials in the field of flexible energy storage applications.