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작성일 : 17-02-23 13:21
Self-powered locomotion detector_Journal of Materials Chemistry C
 글쓴이 : supervisor
조회 : 846  
   2017_Arun_JMCC2_locomotion_detector.pdf (2.7M) [1] DATE : 2017-02-23 13:21:03
A microcrystalline cellulose ingrained polydimethylsiloxane triboelectric nanogenerator as a self-powered locomotion detector†

Arunkumar Chandrasekhar,a Nagamalleswara Rao Alluri,b Balasubramaniam Saravanakumar,
Sophia Selvarajanc and Sang-Jae Kim*a

Scavenging of ambient dissipated mechanical energy addresses the limitations of conventional batteries
by providing an auxiliary voltaic power source, and thus has significant potential for self-powered and
wearable electronics. Here, we demonstrate a cellulose/polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) triboelectric
nanogenerator (C-TENG) based on the contact and separation mode between a cellulose/PDMS composite
film and an aluminium electrode. The device fabricated with a composite film of 5 wt% generates an open
circuit voltage of 28 V and a short circuit current of 2.8 mA with an instantaneous peak power of 576 mW at
a mechanical force of 32.16 N. The C-TENG was systematically studied and demonstrated to be a feasible
power source that can commute instantaneous operation of LEDs and act as a self-powered locomotion
detector for security applications. The C-TENG can also be used as a wearable power source with an
in-built lithium ion battery charging circuit during a range of human motions.