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작성일 : 17-10-16 20:53
Flexible BaTiO3 Nanocube/PDMS Composite Films_ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
 글쓴이 : supervisor
조회 : 2,549  
   2017_Alluri_ACS_SCE_Scavenging_biomechanical_Energy_using_piezoelectric_composite_film.pdf (8.7M) [9] DATE : 2017-10-16 20:53:21
20170605 Nagamalleswara Rao Alluri, Arunkumar Chandrasekhar, Venkateswaran Vivekananthan, Yuvasree Purusothaman, Sophia Selvarajan, Ji Hyun Jeong, and Sang-Jae Kim, " Scavenging Biomechanical Energy Using High-Performance, Flexible BaTiO3 Nanocube/PDMS Composite Films " ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2017, 5 (6), pp 4730–4738.

ABSTRACT: Highly flexible, biocompatible, large-scale production of BaTiO3 nanocube
(BTO NC)/poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) composite films (CFs) prepared via a simple,
cost-effective solution casting technique are reported for the first time for high-performance
piezoelectric nanogenerators (PNGs). The crystalline BTO NCs were synthesized via a
simple low-temperature molten salt method. The piezoelectric output performance of the CF
was investigated as a function of the weight ratio of the BTO NCs in the polymer matrix,
electrical poling, constant mechanical loading, and low-frequency biomechanical energy
harvesting. The composite PNG (CPNG) with 15 wt % of BTO NCs displayed an excellent
peak-to-peak voltage (Vpp) of 126.3 V and current density (J) of 77.6 μA/cm2 and generated
a maximum instantaneous areal power density of 7 mW/cm2 at 100 MΩ at the low input
mechanical pressure of 988.2 Pa. The generated output was sufficient to drive commercial
light-emitting diodes and low-powered consumer electronic devices. Next, the CPNG was
tested to harness waste biomechanical energy in our daily life; it generated a Vpp of 29 V
(human hand palm force) and 55.9 V (human foot stress). The proposed device was
lightweight, flexible, eco-friendly, cost-effective, and a potential candidate to generate high electrical output at low mechanical
KEYWORDS: BaTiO3 nanocubes, Biomechanical energy, Composite film, Nanogenerator, Piezoelectricity