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작성일 : 18-01-23 16:41
Piezoelectric hemispherical composite_Nanoscale_Cover Figure
 글쓴이 : supervisor
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   201801_Alluri_NanoscaleCoverPage_GrooveTechnique.pdf (4.4M) [14] DATE : 2018-01-23 16:41:38
Adaptable piezoelectric hemispherical composite strips using a scalable groove technique for a selfpowered muscle monitoring system†
  Nagamalleswara Rao Alluri, a Venkateswaran Vivekananthan, b Arunkumar Chandrasekhar b and Sang-Jae Kim *b
    Nanoscale. Volume 10 Number 3 21 January 2018 Pages 859–1548

Contrary to traditional planar flexible piezoelectric nanogenerators (PNGs), highly adaptable hemispherical shape-flexible piezoelectric
composite strip (HS-FPCS) based PNGs are required to harness/measure non-linear surface motions. Therefore, a feasible,
cost-effective and less-time consuming groove technique was developed to fabricate adaptable HS-FPCSs with multiple lengths.
A single HS-CSPNG generates 130 V/0.8 μA and can also work as a self-powered muscle monitoring system (SP-MMS) to measure
maximum human body part movements, i.e., spinal cord, throat, jaw, elbow, knee, foot stress, palm hand/finger force and inhale/
exhale breath conditions at a time or at variable time intervals.