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작성일 : 18-07-30 14:47
CMS/Ni bind free SC_Nanoscale(IF:7.23)
 글쓴이 : supervisor
조회 : 273  
   201808_Nanoscale_Sahoo.pdf (2.6M) [5] DATE : 2018-07-30 14:47:45
Copper molybdenum sulfide anchored nickel foam: a high performance, binder-free, negativeelectrode for supercapacitors†
Surjit Sahoo, ‡a Karthikeyan Krishnamoorthy, ‡a Parthiban Pazhamalai a and Sang -Jae Kim *a,b

Herein, we are demonstrating the use of a binder-free electrode based on copper–molybdenum–sulfide nanostructures grown on
nickel foam (CMS/Ni) as a novel negative electrode for supercapacitors. The cyclic voltammetry and charge–discharge analyses reveal the pseudocapacitive nature of the CMS/Ni electrode with a high specific capacity of 633 mAh g−1 (∼20-fold higher than the binder-based CMS electrode) which is mainly due to their superior electronic conductivity and short ion transport pathways.
Furthermore, the fabricated symmetric supercapacitor using the CMS/Ni electrode delivered a high device capacitance (265.62 F g−1),
high energy density (23.61 Wh kg−1) and long cycle-life. The results ensure that the CMS/Ni binder-free electrode will be a promising
negative electrode for high-performance supercapacitors.